How often do you pause and reflect on the one relationship, that endures and supports you across the years? Vow renewal ceremonies provide an opportunity to recognise, value and celebrate your most intimate relationship, as well as a chance for you to revisit and renew your promises to each other for the years ahead.

As well as celebrating your relationship, you may like to include reflections on your shared journey so far, the joys and challenges you have faced together and how you have grown as a couple.  The ceremony can be small and private or a large gathering of family and friends.  It can reflect your wedding day or be a unique, entirely new celebration.  Music, readings, prayers and rituals can be included.  Children, family and friends can play a role. The choice is yours. I would be pleased to help you create a beautiful ceremony that suits exactly who you are as a couple.

Your wedding vow renewal celebrant from Torquay on the Surfcoast.