Funerals and memorials are precious moments in time in which to remember, honour and celebrate the life of a loved one.  They are also an opportunity for family and friends to come together, to share memories and to support each other in shared grief.

The thought of arranging a funeral can be daunting, especially when you feel overwhelmed by emotion after the death of someone close to you.  This is where an independent funeral celebrant can be helpful.

I am a professionally trained funeral celebrant working in Melbourne, Geelong, Torquay, and along the Surf Coast. It would be my honour and privilege to help create a ceremony for your loved one that is exactly as you want it to be, while minimising stress for you.

I specialise in creating personalised ceremonies that reflect the unique character, values, experiences, interests and relationships of your loved one. 

The ceremony may be held in a setting that brings your loved one to mind, such as their home, their garden, a favourite place or simply somewhere convenient for family and friends to gather.

Know that you are not limited by traditional funeral ceremonies that you have seen before.  There are no legal requirements in the funeral or memorial ceremony itself.  You have the freedom to create something beautiful, unique and meaningful to honour the person you have lost.

As a funeral celebrant my commitment to you is:

  • to do everything in my power to make the process of creating a ceremony for your loved one as stress free as possible for you
  • to be compassionate, friendly and understanding in all our interactions
  • to meet with you and other family members to learn about the deceased
  • to listen to you with respect and to reflect your wishes in the ceremony
  • to make suggestions for readings, music and rituals if needed
  • to create a ceremony in a timely manner and to read this back to you ensuring that you are totally happy with the content  
  • to deliver that ceremony in a professional, compassionate and friendly manner, in a venue of your choosing 
  • to coordinate tributes, music and other inclusions in the ceremony
  • to respectfully meet, welcome and farewell your guests.

Important information about roles

The focus of a Funeral Celebrant is on creating and delivering the funeral or memorial ceremony itself.  

A Funeral Director by contrast takes care of all practicalities in physically caring for and transporting the deceased and arranging burial or cremation. A Funeral Director sees to registration of the death with Birth Deaths and Marriages and gaining relevant certification for burial and cremation. They may also provide the venue for a funeral or memorial, including technical support for the ceremony.

If you have a Funeral Director already, please inform them you would like me as your celebrant.  I would be happy to coordinate with them regarding your ceremony.  If you do not have a Funeral Director, I can provide some suggestions as to who to contact to fulfill this role.